Charter Companies

The advantages of The Commo-der-izer™ system are magnified when talking about commercial charter operations. A happy guest is a repeat customer and part of being a happy guest is having marine toilets (heads) that don’t stink. A common complaint among charter guests is “that boat smell”.

In addition to the annoying odor problem, charter companies are concerned with the costly removal of marine toilet scale. While deodorizing, our system removes existing calcium scale and prevents additional scale. Annual calcium scale removal costs are eliminated. Periodic cleaning costs are typically lower as well. As a result, the cost of each unit is quickly recovered resulting in dramatic operational savings, especially when considering a fleet of boats.

We have created an interactive Cost Savings Spreadsheet to help analyize your own particular situation. Enter the required information and see for yourself that along with having clean smelling toilets,The Commo-der-izer™ offers dramatic cost savings.