Why Our Tablets

  • Eliminates odors throughout the entire plumbing system.
  • Saves maintenance cost by eliminating calcium scale buildup.
  • Maintenance savings pays for the system.
  • Safety – No liquids to spill.
  • Less storage space than liquids.


The right tablet is central to the The Commo-der-izer™ system. Over the past years, we have experimented with numerous tablets. Many had dyes that could stain the toilet, the boat, and hands. Many were primarily salt cakes and did virtually nothing to control odor. Some would deodorize the seawater but did nothing for the scale buildup. Some were not economical because they only lasted a day or two.

We wanted a tablet that controlled both sources of odor, the seawater and the calcium scale buildup. After over a year of testing we found a tablet that meets these goals. It is a specially formulated, water flow activated, slow release chlorine tablet.

The tablet has no dyes that can stain. It contains the correct formulation of chlorine to remove and prevent calcium buildup. Thus, both sources of odor are controlled – the seawater and calcium. In addition to odor control, a major yearly plumbing expense is avoided since calcium scale is removed from the plumbing system.

Since the tablet is slow release, it is economical. We find that one tablet typically lasts 2 1/2 to 3 weeks. Because the tablet is water flow activated, the tablets last even longer if the toilets are used infrequently or the boat is “off charter”. We take special  care in the packaging. Our tablets are double packaged for safety and convenience – first in commercially sealed individual packets and finally in plastic pails. Your hands never touch the tablets.

Storage space on a boat is always at a premium. Our tablets are small, only 15 grams. A 1.5 quart pail holds 20 packets, typically a years supply per unit.

Each Commo-der-izer™ unit we ship includes 2 of our special tablets.