How many units do I need for my boat?
You need one unit for each Jabsco Pumpgard In-line strainer that services the toilets. It is fairly common to have one strainer that services more than one toilet. For example, the Leopard 46 has 4 toilets serviced by two inline strainers. In that case you would need two.
Can I use more than one tablet at a time?
No. You should use only one tablet at a time and do not replace until completely dissolved.
Do the tablets remove calcium scale?
Yes. As part of controlling odor, the calcium scale in the plumbing lines is dissolved over time. The tablets are slightly acidic and it is this acidity that appears to solubilize the calcium. This is similar to the way that vinegar (acetic acid) is able to remove calcium from shower heads, etc. Look at the pictures under The Calcium Problem tab. The picture on the left was taken from a plumbing line on a 58′ catamaran after a year of heavy charter use. The picture on the left shows a plumbing line from a similar boat, over the same period, that did not use The Commoderizer.
How long do the tablets last?
In our testing in a heavy charter use, we have found that the tablets last about a week or ten days. We had also had reports of them lasting three weeks or more. In terms of convenience, we suggest coordinating cleaning the filter with changing tablets.
What precautions should I take with the tablets?
Be sure to follow all safety information that is printed on either The Commoderizer box, tablet wrapper, or tablet pail. For you safety and convenience we double package the tablets. Each tablet is individually sealed in it own packet and the packets are sealed in an plastic pail. Make sure that they are stored out of the reach of children.
Can I use other cleaning solutions in the toilet along with The Commoderizer?
No. DO NOT add other chemicals to the toilet or holding tank while using The Commoderizer. First of all, they are not necessary, and in addition could be hazardous.
Can I use my own tablets in The Commoderizer?
Unfortunately we can’t guarantee our product when other tablets that we don’t sell are used. We have gone through extensive testing with our tablets to make sure they work with our unit. We have no way of knowing what effect other tablets or chemicals might have.
My boat has a lot of calcium scale. Can I use The Commoderizer without the limiter?
As a normal practice we do not recommend running The Commoderizer without the limiter. For boats that are heavily calcified, some of our customers initially remove the limiter and flush the toilet several times to jump start the process. However, the limiter should then be put back in place for normal use; otherwise, the chlorine concentration can get higher than optimal.
What type of maintenance does The Commoderizer require?
Virtually none. The unit itself is made from PVC and the filters are made from polypropylene. As such, the unit is designed to withstand harsh saltwater conditions. Simply clean the filters of debris at the same time you change tablets and you should enjoy years of trouble free service.
I have installed The Commoderizer. What other products are required for marine toilet maintenance?
None. In fact, when we installed The Commoderizer on our own boat, our crew was quite skeptical. They had an entire basket of toilet cleaning solutions but during the next two weeks there was no need for anything except The Commoderizer system. There was no odor and the toilets stayed clean. Part of the way The Commoderizer pays for itself is by eliminating the need to buy other chemicals. In fact, it is important that you DO NOT mix in other chemicals while using The Commoderizer as this could be hazardous.
What is the purpose of the check valve?
The check valve prevents the pump from being exposed to an excessive buildup of chlorine during idle periods.