The Commod-er-izer™ Unit

  • No Installation – It screws onto the existing filter port.
  • Durable – Designed to withstand harsh saltwater conditions.
  • Economical – The unit pays for itself in reduced plumbing costs.
  • Continuous Odor Control – Odors are controlled with each flush.
  • Easy Service – Change tablets at the same time you clean the filter.


Most yachts and pleasure boats use seawater for the toilet system. Seawater is full of living organisms. When these organisms get trapped in the toilet system, they die and create odor. Making matters worse, urine mixes with saltwater forming a calcium scale buildup throughout the entire toilet plumbing system. This calcium buildup traps and magnifies the offensive smell as well as creating a costly maintenance expense. Every boat or yacht owner wants to know how to remove marine toilet odor and how to prevent marine toilet scale

The The Commo-der-izer™ is a patent pending marine head odor removal system that offers an easy solution for both of these problems. Manufactured by Precision Instrument Service with over 35 years of manufacturing experience, it is designed to withstand harsh saltwater conditions. The unit is precision machined from PVC rod and the filters are made from polypropylene.

No special installation is required. The unit screws onto the existing inline filter port*. Simply remove the existing strainer bowl and screen and screw the The Commo-der-izer™ body onto the filter port. The Commo-der-izer™ has its own built-in strainer. Next, put a deodorant tablet into the cap and screw the cap onto the body.

Each flush draws seawater through the unit, screens it for debris, mixes with the deodorant tablet, and then flows throughout the entire plumbing system controlling odors in the toilet, plumbing lines, as well as eliminating odors from your holding tank. In the process calcium scale buildup is reduced and prevented.

Maintenance couldn’t be easier. When you normally check the strainer for debris, check to see if a new deodorant tablet is needed. For added protection, the The Commo-der-izer™ has two strainers: One for the inflow into the deodorant cap and one for the outflow from the deodorant cap to the toilet.

From our shop to your yacht, the The Commo-der-izer™ is proudly manufactured in the USA.

*requires a standard Jabsco In-line strainer 36200-0000 or 46400-0000.


Marine Saltwater Toilets Have Unique Issues.
Saltwater And Urine Mix To Create Bad Odors And Costly Calcium Scale Repairs.
Our Device Is A Marine Head Odor Removal System That Also Eliminates Calcium Deposits.
The Commoderizer Rids Your Boat Or Yacht Of Embarrassing Odors!
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