The Calcium Problem

Everyone who owns a boat with a seawater toilet knows about The Calcium Scale Problem. Urine mixes with saltwater in the plumbing system and produces calcium scale that builds up in the lines, fixtures and holding tank. In addition to being a major odor problem, it is a major maintenance expense, costing hundreds to thousands of dollars to service and replace components.

A fairly standard way of trying to combat this problem involves flushing the holding tank and toilet with bleach on a weekly basis. While helping somewhat in reducing the odor it does not remove or reduce the calcium scale. The chlorine in bleach is sodium hypochlorite. The pH is around 12, too base to remove the calcium.

Our tablets are a more acidic form of chlorine. It is this acidity that is responsible for removing and preventing calcium buildup, similar to the way vinegar removes calcium scale from your shower head at home. Each flush with our Commo-der-izer™ brand tablets eliminates odor and prevents and removes calcium scale throughout the entire plumbing system.

The photos below clearly show the results. The plumbing lines were inspected after one year from two boats that were placed in charter service at the same time from the same base.

calcium-prob-1The photo on the left
shows a pipe after using The Commo-der-izer™ for a year
– only a stain, no calcium buildup.
The calcium-prob2photo on the right shows a pipe after a year of using the bleach method – a clearly visible calcium buildup.

Financially speaking, since our system solves the calcium problem, The Commo-der-izer™ isn’t an expense but a savings. The cost of the unit is recovered after a few months and then continues to save you money, while eliminating the odor problem.