The development of the The Commo-der-izer™ started a few years ago while on a sailing charter in the British Virgin Islands. We were new to boating, had an absolutely incredible vacation, but noticed that the heads had a real offensive odor. The crew was also aware of this, constantly scurrying about trying to remedy the situation with all sorts of solutions, air fresheners and deodorant sprays. It was a noble attempt, but the offensive saltwater toilet was winning.

At the end of the charter, we were talking to the captain about the problem and possible solutions. We have a small manufacturing company so when we returned home we started working on various designs. The standard approach to dealing with this problem is to pour solutions into the toilet and holding tank. The problem with this is two fold:

  • It doesn’t reduce or eliminate the calcium scale buildup in the lines between the toilet and holding tank, a major source of odor as well as maintenance.
  • Each time you flush you introduce new smelly seawater into the plumbing lines, toilet and holding tank.

A device that introduces a small amount of deodorant with each flush makes the most sense. That way, in addition to the toilet, you would eliminate odors from your holding tank and plumbing lines as well. We investigated to see what types of devices were on the market but discovered that they all required special installation.

We wanted to develop a product that eliminates the two major sources of odor, seawater and calcium scale, and requires no special installation. Hence, The Commo-der-izer™ was born.

Our patent pending design simply screws onto the existing base of the standard Jabsco In-line strainers, 36200-0000 or 46400-0000, already installed on virtually every boat. The Commo-der-izer™ was tested for over two years, in actual charter situations, with hundreds of guests. The comments are always the same. The guests are always pleasantly surprised about how fresh and clean the boat smells, especially the toilets. In addition, boat owners love saving money on calcium scale repairs.